Free Form Design contains a number of features to spur your creativity and productivity and quickly get your design into your hands.




Intuitive Interface

Explore design ideas and create complex shapes using FFD’s intuitive interface. Do what you want without having to figure out how so you can focus on being productive.


Contour Extraction

Shape complex objects to your desired specification using the built in contour extraction tool. Produce more accurate features and correctly classify a given complex pattern.


Magic Handle

Work with voxels, polygons, solids and surfaces in one design environment. More choices and flexibility while operating within engineering design workflows.


Model Templates

Create intricate 3D models using readymade templates. Quickly produce accurate and engineered complex forms for 3D printing that reflect your own ideas.


Real Time Costing

Access real time pricing for your design. Upload your 3D files, select specifications and receive an instant price quote. Modify to suit than submit your order to be 3D printed.


Laser Build Ready

Ensure your designs are "3D print ready". As you work with your designs, FFD tracks the x, y and z dimensions relative to the build limitations for laser sintering printing.