Free Form Design


Everyone can come up with a great idea……but not everyone has the design skills to transform a great idea into a finished object.

Free Form Design (FFD)

Free Form Design (FFD) is an intuitive yet powerful 3D software tool to quickly transform your ideas into CAD models for 3D printing. The software provides the support tools you need to go from design concept to CAD model to finished product. Best of all FFD is FREE


No prior expertise in Computer Aided Design (CAD) is necessary. A template library is provided to help “kickstart” your design ideas, touching on art, mechanics, patterns, personal items and primitive geometry. A 25 minute series of video tutorials covers essential software features and operations, supported by an online user guide.


What makes FFD unique is the integration of “design to print” parameters to ensure what you create is “3D print ready”. Simply upload your files, receive an online quote, submit your order and in no time your functional prototype or finished piece will arrive at your door.

What’s Next

We value your comments and suggestions and endeavour to make the experience of using FFD both a creative and productive one. The software is in continual development with plans for future updates and new and expanded features.